Lost and Found

The Lichfield and Tamworth branch of Cats Protection keeps a register of lost and found cats in the local area.  You can contact us about lost or found cats in the Lichfield or Tamworth areas, via our contact details from the Contact Us page. Our helpline number is 0345 371 2741. If there isn't a volunteer on duty on the helpline, please leave an answer message with your contact details. Alternatively you can e-mail us at lichtamcats@gmail.com or use the online contact form on the Contact Us page.

Lost Cats

If your cat has gone missing please give us as much information as you can about it. The cat's name, colourings, markings, where it was last seen, when it was last seen and whether it was wearing a collar/has a microchip are all helpful.  If possible, please also e-mail a picture of the cat to lichtamcats@gmail.com. Please note that neutering is the best way to stop male cats from straying. 
You should also consider putting up posters in your local area (e.g. in local shops - take care not to fly-post) and contacting your local vets.  Over the summer time it is common for cats to become locked in sheds/garages, whilst people are on holiday, so please consider this too.  
All lost cats will be displayed on this website for 2 months and then removed unless you contact us. We will keep a paper log for a longer amount of time.  If your cat re-appears please also let us know as soon as possible so the website is up to date.  
There are other organisations that can help too. These include Petsearch UKPetsearch (local area site)  who offer a free service, or Animalsearch UK who operate as a business, so they may make a charge.

Found Cats

If you find a cat you believe is a stray we will firstly supply you with a paper collar (as modelled by Graham the cat in our photo), asking its owners to phone our helpline number to let us know the cat has an owner.  If no-one contacts us within a week we will assume the cat is a stray and make arrangements for it to come into our care as soon as possible.  In certain circumstances we will take in a stray immediately.  If this is the case the cat will be displayed on our website here for two weeks before homing.  Again, if you find a cat you think is a stray, it is also a good idea to phone local vets to see if they have any records of cats that have gone missing.