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If you are interested in homing a cat, or to report a lost or found cat, in the Lichfield or Tamworth areas, you can call our branch helpline on 0345 371 2741  or e-mail us using the online form on this page. 

Alternatively please email us directly at

We strongly advise that you contact us by telephone to enquire about the branch taking a cat in. If you don't speak to our Welfare Officer directly on your call, please ask the volunteer to pass the message to the Welfare Officer.

If you are reporting a lost cat, as well as calling the helpine to get the information to our Lost & Found Officer, we also recommend that you email in details to us with a photo. This will enable us to post the information to the Lost & Found pages here on this site, as well as on to our Twitter and Facebook pages. Getting this information through a direct email ensures your cat's information reaches these networks and has proven to work really well in helping to spread the word. This works just as well for advertising found cats too.

If you have any enquiries about any of our fundraising events, please email us and we can pass your details on to our Fundraising Officers.

You are very welcome to email us or call us to enquire about volunteering.
Please ask for the message to be passed on to Val Burns, our Volunteer Recruitment Officer.

Please only use one method to contact us (unless contacting us about Lost & Found, as above). Either way, your enquiry will reach us and will save you from getting a response twice from two different volunteers.

 Please allow time for volunteers to get back to you. A number of our volunteers also work full-time, so it may an evening before the relevant volunteer can respond to you. Thank you
Lichfield and Tamworth Cats Protection Helpline -
Tel: 0345 371 2741

The Helpline is covered by volunteers Monday to Friday between the hours of 9.30am and 6pm. If there is no volunteer covering, you are always able to leave a short message. Please allow 2 - 3 days for a response, as the voicemail is checked by a volunteer.

There is also a National Cats Protection Helpline on: 03000 12 12 12.  This helpline is open Monday to Friday 9am - 5pm and is there for callers seeking general advice on cat welfare.

For cat/kitten veterinary emergencies and needs, you must, in all cases, contact a local veterinary surgery via these links:
Grange Hill Veterinary Centre (24 hour emergency contact) (Lichfield)
Pool House Veterinary Group (24 hour emergency contact) (Lichfield and Burntwood)
Hillman Vets (Britannia Park Veterinary Centre) (Lichfield)
Riversmeet Veterinary Centre (Tamworth) (24 hour emergency contact)
Number 1 Vets (Rugeley) (24 hour emergency contact) to search for other local veterinary practices.

For urgent cat/kitten welfare issues, when our helpline or the national helpline is closed, we advise that you contact the RSPCA 24-hour advice and cruelty line on 0300 1234 999

We can help with the following types of enquiries from the Lichfield or Tamworth areas:

  • Cats or kittens, in the Lichfield or Tamworth areas, needing to be re-homed and therefore needing to come into branch care. Please note: We always have a waiting list of cats needing to come in, and therefore sadly cannot always take cats in immediately. We will, of course, assess the urgency on a case-by-case basis.
  • Interest in adopting a cat or kitten in the Lichfield or Tamworth areas.
  • Request for support with paying for the neutering/spaying of a cat in the Lichfield or Tamworth areas. You must be on means tested benefits in order to request this. Please include your full name, benefits claim number, your phone number and full postal address, plus details of the cat's age and sex, when you contact us about this. Please note that we can only supply up to two vouchers maximum per qualifying household, subject to having all of the information required . 
  • A lost or found cat or kitten in the Lichfield or Tamworth areas. Please give us as much detail as possible about the cat and location, when you contact us about this. 
  • Interest in supporting, or volunteering for, the branch in the Lichfield or Tamworth areas. 

When contacting us to enquire about homing a cat, please tell us a little about your circumstances - see our branch Adopt A Cat page for more on this. 

If you email us, or complete our online form, please allow 2 -3 days  for a response.  We are volunteers who also work full-time, but we will make sure that we reply to your e-mail or online enquiry. Thank you for your patience.   


Telephone: 0345 371 2741

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